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  • Listening to: Crywolf - Neverland
  • Reading: The China Study
  • Watching: Mr. Robot
  • Playing: Fallout 4
  • Eating: Miso Soup
  • Drinking: Vanilla Almond Milk Chai
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Business Hours (in EST)
Monday: OFF
Tuesday: 11:30am-9:30pm
Wednesday: 2pm-10pm
Thursday: 11am-5pm; occasionally late streams after 9:30pm
Friday: 2pm-12am; occasionally late streams till 2am
Saturday: 2pm-5pm; promotional/freebie streams, times will occasionally change
Sunday: OFF


UPDATE:  I don't ask for payment until I am finished with work for many reasons, one glaring one is that I do have ongoing medical issues and don't want someone paying for something and having to wait a long time if something comes up.  During good weeks, I am rather fast, bad weeks, it can take a bit longer.  On top of that, I also don't take payments up front generally because it helps me have a goal to work towards which just works a lot better on keeping me on task.

That all being said, I have thankfully had way more good, prompt paying commissioners than bad, but it does leave me open to someone getting work and wasting my time by not paying me after their work is finished.  This happened recently.  I would rather people be sure they will have the money to pay, but I try to be nice if something comes up.  In this case, something had come up, and I was patient for over a month, after which I began to write asking for updates, etc, with more excuses.  Things happen, for sure, but there is a point at which people need to be more responsible with their money and understand that, for me, this is a job to help my husband pay the bills.  I do other work outside of commission work as well, with my online shop soon to be launched.  I can be understanding if you are honest and talk to me, but what I need people to realize as well is that, even if I am nice about these things, telling me as soon as you know there might be a hiccup can give me time to work on someone else's work until you are ready, or at least give me a heads up so I don't have to chase you down later.  

At the end of the day, this is a job for me.  Would you go get a tattoo and tell the artist, "I'm sorry, I can't pay you right now," after they finish?  Or that they have to wait a few weeks before they will have the money?  I am happy to go on the honor system when things come up,  but don't make it an ongoing problem, please.  This effects my income and causes problems in my life when I am expecting a certain amount of money around a certain time.  I am more likely to be lenient with commissioners whom have commissioned me many times in the past with good reputation because there is a level of trust there.

Sorry, I know this was a long read, but I just wanted to make this clear, as I was stiffed during my last commission run and I wanted to give the person time to potentially pay after constantly needing to chase them down to find out how long it might be, etc.  I tried to be nice, but they stopped communication and just don't want to deal with paying at this point.  This artwork and the portrait to go with it are not owned by and should not be seen on the character, Anje.  So basically, I am going to put the piece up for sale with the offer of changing it to suit another character.  That being things like changing tattoos (or removing them), changing hair, and potentially adding some clothing.  This piece also comes with a port.  Selling for $20 with minor revisions and $25 for larger revisions.  These bust commissions typically run $35, so if your character suits this fur cap and hood, this is a significant discounted piece even with large revisions.

Mature Content

Commission - Anjeliq by jaelmoray

Current sketch sale prices are as follows:

  • Headshot sketch - $6
  • Bust sketch - $10
  • Sketch page - $25 (1 bust, 1 fullbody, 1 detail, 1 headshot)
  • Bust speedpaint - $20

*Any of the below categories can be done traditionally and mailed to you; please message me to inquire about pricing and availability.
  • Sketch - $10
Bust Portrait (second price on each denotes couple pieces)
  • Sketch - $15 / $25
  • B&W Painted - $25 / $45
  • Color - $35 / $55
Full body (second price on each denotes couple pieces)
  • Sketch - $20 /$35
  • B&W Painted - $45 / $70
  • Color - $60 / $85
Sketch page - $35
  • Includes: 1 bust, 1 fullbody, 1 detail and 1 headshot
Costume Design (comes on base; colored w/ basic cell shading) - $15
Custom World Maps - $100-$150
  • Price depends on number of continents, level of detail wanted, custom aspects such as custom designed compass roses, parchment look, etc
  • Please note, these require more one-on-one time with the commissioner, using either a streaming service or skype to have on the spot conversation
On-the-spot Stream Commissions
  • B&W Speed paints Only - $30 for an hour

 *Don't see what you want here? Ask me!
Access to freebie streams and exclusive Saturday streams will be available to any of my patreon supporters of any tier, as well as anyone who commissions a $25 or more worth of art in the given month.  Please be sure to provide your email in your note when commissioning to make it easier to let you know when I will be scheduling these private streams and in order to send you the appropriate links.  <3
Payment for digital pieces is due after the piece is finished. I will ask for payment before sending the finished piece. I reserve the right to edit and sell the piece if payment is not made. If something happens and payment might take you a little longer, I'd rather know this and work with you than have to chase you down. Things happen and I am not an ass, just be honest. :)


  1. Lothlore | Group Piece | PAID | Painting
  2. Baeley | Sketch page | PAID | FINISHED
  3. Anon | Sketch page | $25 | sketching
  4. Rubieblu25 | Sketch page | $25 |
  5. VandalQueen | Speedpaint | $20 |
  6. TheScreamingNorth | Sketch page | $25 |
  7. DementedNymph | Colored Full Body | $60 |
  8. MeiDay | Colored Bust | $35 | 

Real Life Commissions:

  1. Josh/Estefana | Illustration | Sketching concepts
  2. Ali | Ursula sleeve tattoo (watercolor) | Sketching concepts


Please ask if you need a more specific example of something you don't currently see if my gallery.

Thank you! <3


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Jael Moray
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What would you like to see more of? 

8 deviants said Watercolor paintings!
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1 deviant said Fanart!
1 deviant said Mixed media!
No deviants said Other (please tell me what you'd like to see in the comments!)




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